And Everything in Between - Marella Motta (CD edition)

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And Everything in Between - Marella Motta (CD edition)


Album Tracks

01 All That I Have
02 Little Fragments
03 What If It Stays So
04 Angry
05 Shelves
06 On Your Side
07 The Forest
08 Hit The Ground
09 California
10 Turn Off The Light

Marella Motta - voce e cori
Jacopo Mazza - piano, tastiere e arrangiamenti
Emmanuele Pella - batteria e percussioni

All songs written by Marella Motta, Jacopo Mazza,
Emmanuele Pella
Recorded at Il Pollaio, Ronco Biellese (BI) by
Piergiorgio Miotto
Mixed by Andrea Pellegrini at White Sound Studio (FI)
Mastering by Tommaso “Tommy” Bianchi at White
Sound Studio (FI)

Artistic Producer Jacopo Mazza
Co-Production and publishing by Another Music
Distribuited worldwide by Believe Digital and Info

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