Marella Motta

singer and songwriter

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Marella: a voice with her old-time elegance

She is a singer who believes in the power of sound: her voice is the expression of an inner world made of listening, silence and strong feelings as well. She was born and raised among sounds from different sides of the world listening to soul music when still in her mother’s womb: a starting point to travel from and always go back to, bringing back new fascinations.

She’s been singing for as long as she can remember; her voice’s evolution is a constant reach for new horizons restlessly searching for quality and expression at the same time.

Creating melodies, and then writing the lyrics, always originates from solitude, a precious ally against the bombing stimuli from the outside, the quest to synthesize caos that comes from the others’ voices in order express her own.




Marella's song "What's the matter" - Video directed by Vieri Brini.