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There are several aspects to consider when you create a soundtrack, may it be conceived for cinema, for a commercial, a theater show or a video game:

the professionalism of the composer and the structure he works for, the soloists, the specialized ensembles, the high level of the recording studios and technicians, the seriousness, the punctuality and respect of the delivery schedule and a network of international partners become key elements in order to offer a complete service and to walk the production, the director or the agency towards the best solution.

What AMr looks for in a project is the perfect union between the artistic quality of a product and the public availability. This is what allows both the director and our structure to generate income in order to develop further work.

At the beginning we take into consideration every type of project presented because we believe that "giving a chance" is a very important aspect.

The AMr's team will evaluate the possibility of co-production of a project by covering up to 50% of the realisation costs, development and musical production in case the script and the working team may result interesting. "Thoughts generate reality" 

"Thoughts generate reality"

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We develop a perfect strategy to build music for films, commercials, show theaters and video games

The steps to build and develop a perfect music for films, short movies, commercials or video games are multiple. Write an email to discover our services.

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