Another Music Records

is the life project of an artist itself


The way of perceiving, buying and listening to music has experienced a slow and continuous mutation in the past  20 years.

We reached the point where music cannot be only thought as something we listen to; it evolved towards a new digital dimension, an era with a strong relationship to images, an age where digital downloading has been replaced by streaming.

In 2017 AMr was created in order to publish brave musicians, composers  and bands from all over the world, with a special focus on adventurous future music for movies, theaters, dance companies, installations.

The soul of AMr is both contemporary and nostalgic: while encouraging the evolution towards a new way of perceiving music, we like to stick to the ancient concept of listening, by promoting the publication of vinyl albums.

AMr supports its artists by taking care of each step of their launch in the market with a sync-oriented strategy.

Thanks to its international and experienced team AMr also ensures the companies  who are buying music an easy, transparent and professional collaboration.



Discovering new music is our mission 

If you are a professional musician, composer, author, band or interpreter please submit your application. 



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