Composed and arranged with drummer Andrea Beccaro, is published by the Parisian label AnotherMusic. Is an album conceived for piano and drums, with a strong melodic impact that always leaves room for a polyrhythmical, deconstructed and rethought drumming, sonically designed specifically for these compositions.

Nine tracks that lead the listener through soundscapes that are minimal, with an organical electronic taste, shaped with great restraint and self-disciplined execution – but ready to explode unexpectedly with bursts of energy.

A coherent offering, sophisticated, with great attention to details. Manzoni’s experience as a composer for cinema, theater, dance and of electronic music, paired with Beccaro’s work as a pan-rhythmical researcher, soundscaper and programmer open doors to a duo project that presents many different shadings. “He knows everything” is an album that is as good to imagine as it is to listen to.

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